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What are alternatives?

Alternative [Adjective] :   "relating to activities that depart from or challenge traditional norms"

alternative investments provide something different, compared to traditional stocks or bonds

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Why alternatives?

the performance is generated by a different set of 'risk factors'

therefore, the pattern of returns will differ from traditional investments

a portfolio benefits from an investment whose value moves separately from other assets

alternatives may experience lower volatility than traditional investments

alternatives may also provide an excess return (αlpha) over and above that generated by traditional investments

What's the catch?

there is no free lunch in financial markets...except diversification

alternative investments are typically less liquid and harder to value

historically, alternative investments have been harder to access and more expensive

So, is there another way?

this led us to develop what we affectionately call the ezAlphaTM process

intuitive and simple, robust and effective

keeping the benefits of an alternative investing strategy, while reducing the negatives

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